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Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning ServiceDo yourself and your carpets a favour and book a professional carpet cleaning service. It’s not enough to vacuum your carpets as you will see for yourself. You have problems with graying fibre and a dull colour already? Don’t postpone the professional cleaning and call Best Quality Cleaning as our company is one of the few in Erith to offer a variety of treatments for the different carpet types at affordable prices.

Rug & Carpet Cleaning in Erith DA8

First, let’s settle your question. Why do you need professional carpet cleaning, at all? Foremost, the professional carpet cleaning is one of the sure fire ways to ensure that any stains on your carpets or rugs for that matter will be removed. However, these cleaning services aim to thoroughly remove dirt and dust from the carpet’s fibre. You can vacuum all you want, but just empty suction will get you so far. With time and usage, your carpets will suffer from embedded dirt, which needs stronger treatment.


Best Quality Cleaning deliver a swift, professional and above all, efficient service without any delays. The difference in your carpets’ look, feel and smell will be staggering. The best part is that we work during the whole week, including bank holidays.


Our Methods

How do you clean carpets professionally? There are two answer to this question, depending on the fibre type of your carpet. Best Quality Cleaning uses industry leading methods and techniques to achieve the best result possible for both natural fibre and synthetic carpets. The best about both services, besides the phenomenal prices, is that none of the cleaning materials we use are toxic or dangerous to people.

Most common treatment for carpets, synthetic ones, is the hot water extraction method, which is otherwise called steam cleaning. Our experienced technician will inject hot water mixed with the cleaning liquid into the carpet and then suck it right out with his steam cleaning machine. For finer carpets and rugs, either hand made or from natural materials, Best Quality Cleaning will employ the so-called dry-cleaning method, which involves specialised dirt-absorbent so that it doesn’t damage the carpet’s fibre.

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