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One Off Cleaning Services

One Off Cleaning ServicesBest Quality Cleaning knows that not everyone has the time to clean their home the way it should be done, thorough and deep, which is why we offer you our custom-tailored one off cleaning service packages. These will allow you to return to a clean home after work without any effort on your behalf.

Tailored One Off Cleaning Services

The one off cleaning session varies from customer to customer and because it’s free to arranger as a customer chooses, it can vary in scope and focus. Best Quality Cleaning is one of the very few companies to give control to the customers, which is why our one off cleaning service pack is suitable for every occasion. From a light, general cleaning of the whole property to a focused deep clean in a certain problematic area to a serious spring clean of the whole property, our cleaners do it all.

Best Quality Cleaning grants customers full freedom to specify their needs and as our one off cleaning service is hourly based, this means picking the number of hours needed for a job as well as the number of cleaners that you think will be sufficient. If later on, you discover that you need more time, call us and our cleaners’ stay will easily be extended.

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There are several ways to book a one off cleaning service with Best Quality Cleaning. Our support staff can be contacted every day from Monday to Friday on 020 3026 2385. All information and quotations are free. For those who prefer to save information, we have a fast and functional online booking form, which ensures that all the relevant information you need will be delivered via e-mail.

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